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  • Hi,

    Just last night I noticed there was no comment box at the bottom of my individual post pages. I hadn’t altered anything or changed any settings — it just disappeared out of the blue. I deactivated all of my plugins figuring perhaps a recent upgrade might have caused a conflict but even with all deactivated — still no comment box.

    Checked discussion settings and all were fine. What could be the problem? I’m yanking my hair out over this and getting lots of “anxious” emails from my readers so any help someone can give is GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • OOPS — URL is:

    My bad :-/

    Well, damn — that’s weird! I just went to post an update to my readers to let them know I’m aware of the problem and have reached out for a resolution and the comment box appeared underneath as it should have, yet all of the previous posts were still missing the box.

    My discussion settings are as always — auto-close comments after 20 days, so I’m still at a loss here…

    Sorry, not trying to bump this, just an update —

    Apparently it’s not a subscriber problem — a non-subscriber just responded to my recent post where there IS a comment box but there is still no comment box for the other posts.

    Additionally, it might be important to note I upgraded to 2.8.2 a few days ago but even then the problem didn’t exist until a day or two afterward. I wonder if I was somehow hacked? Thanks again…

    SOLVED! But now a whole different question emerges — somehow, all of my previous posts had “Allow comments to this post” under “Discussion” in the posting template had been miraculously unchecked.

    Either this was a deliberate hack?

    Or, somehow, upgrading the WP to v. 2.8.2, the plugins (Aksimet, SEO Optimizer, or RSS Footer) overwrites the ability to allow posts?

    I’m leaving this one unresolved — I cannot be the ONLY one who’s experienced this can I?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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