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  • Hi,

    I originally had my site on a test URL. I changed the domain (keeping the files in the same place) and since then the comments have been wrong.

    Firstly, I’m using Facebook commenting, and when someone leaves a comment it shows in the admin area (as it should). When someone leaves a comment, then it shows on the correct post. However in the admin, it tells me it’s on a different one.

    So to confirm, as a user there’s no problem, but as an admin I can’t see which comment is for which post.

    Can anyone suggest anything to fix this?

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  • Krishna



    Can you replicate the problem with Twenty Twelve theme? Also with plugins off?

    Yeah, it’s not a theme thing. It’s in the admin. So if I click on comments it will show me the comment but say that it appears on post X (when it should be on Y).

    Over the weekend I installed Disqus to see if that would help. When it imported the comments, it replicated the errors.

    The only place it’s showing correctly is within the notification section on Facebook itself.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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