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  • What exactly is going wrong ?
    I see older comments (i.e. at You’ve got mail) … is the problem, that new ones do not appear ?

    May it be, that they are marked as spam or waiting for moderation ?

    new comments dont show, i have checked the moderation out, and its all fine, they seem to show when you go into the post but on the frount page it stays as 0 comments.

    Which version of WordPress are you using ?
    And what does the code for displaying the number of comments in your template look like (I think, it’s in index.php) ?

    i am using: 2.0-RC1

    and i dont know what code you are talking about.

    I read, you just have recently installed ecto. Is it possible, that ecto screws up the field comment_count in the table wp_posts ?
    As far as I got it, the number of comments is taken from that field, not from counting the comments.

    wow, i didnt know that….. do you think its ecto, if so how can this be fixed?

    Sorry, but I have no Idea, how ecto works … it might be a problem with the RC of WordPress as well as a problem with ecto in general.

    Can you have a look into themes -> theme editor -> main index page ? There is a line which usually generates the comment link and count (maybe comment_popup_link(…)).

    its not ecto, i just made a post using wordpress admin and still nothing there is somthing wrong with wordpress itself, i tried to downgrade wordpress but then it all broke… i dont know what to do.

    It’s problematic using the RC for a productional blog (I do so, but I’m living on the edge ;-)).

    Did you have this problem since upgrading to 2.0 RC1 or did it occur later ?

    Downgrading without a DB backup is nearly impossible. Go back to RC1 and try one additional thing: Use the standard theme and see if it displays the comment count correctly.

    i downgraded and it seems to work then when i insert the database it says that it needs reinstalling and what not, i didnt have this problem before it started happening last week and i have not done anything since then, if it is my build of WordPress is there going to be a fix soon, i realy cant have a blog site without working comments.

    Can you just send me the code from index.php (see above) to bobsblogger at gmail dot com ?

    Maybe, I can see something’s goind wrong …

    okay sure thing

    hmm it does not seem to be the themes as i changed them all and nothing happend.

    so sending the index.php from the themes folder would be useless.

    Do you have access to your database ?
    There must be a difference between the older and the new entries (the ones with correct amount of comments and the ones with zero).

    i just sent you an email of the index.php for the theme, i dont know but maybe you can do somthing from it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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