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    clifgriffin – Same thing. EVERY post or just this one? What’s you’re next biggest commented post? I’d test on mine, but my biggest is 30, but it wasn’t done with threading so it doesn’t count, y’know? 🙁

    It’s only happened on this post as far as I can tell. Everything else is pre-threading.

    I lied: this post has 27 comments with threading enabled about half way down.

    All of the posts are in order however.

    Ipstenu – no, it’s the only one with almost 300 comments.
    I kind of solved this problem.
    So, the comments listing looked like this in my case:

    Comment 1 – Day 1
    Comment 5 – Day 2 (reply to Comment 1)
    Comment 7 – Day 4 (reply to Comment 1)
    Comment 2 – Day 1
    Comment 9 – Day 5
    Comment 10 – Day 6
    Comment 3 – Day 2
    Comment 6 – Day 3 (reply to Comment 3)
    Comment 8 – Day 10 (reply to comment 6)
    Comment 4 – Day 2

    I deleted every comment under day 6 (comment 3, 6, 8 and 4) and now everything works like it should.

    Deleting comments isn’t a very good option though. 🙂

    Ipstenu, do you want to open up the bug report or would you prefer I do so?

    I don’t see anyway these problems are being created by the user.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    I think you should, since if they need debugging, I have no access to do so 🙂 It’s really weird, you’d think this would show up on more blogs if it was prevalent.

    Another post with this issue occured on my site (178 comments this time) … Something is wrong, i disabled all my plugins but the problem persists. Only if I disable threaded comments, they show up in order.

    I have found a pattern for this problem.
    1. Doesnt’t matter how many comments you have;
    2. Doesnt’t matter what theme you have installed;
    3. Comments show up in order if you disable threaded comments;

    By default, most of the themes with threaded comments support have that “Reply” button removed when a comment reaches 3/4/5 (depending of your options) levels of comments. That’s great but how about the edit_comments.php section from the admin area? The reply link is still there even if you reach your selected number of levels.
    So, if you reply to a comment that has reached the max numbers of comments, from the admin area, this comment will show up in the bottom of the page and messes everything up.
    I’ve made a test post to see what i mean, i can easily replicate the problem.

    Very sorry for my bad english, i hope you guys can understand what i have just said:)

    Excellent! That makes perfect sense…I believe I adjusted the level of threading allowed after this particular post already had a fair number of comments.

    Great work.

    I have opened up a trac ticket:

    Please note any additional information there.



    I don’t know if there has been a solution to this issue,
    I’m having the same problem, I have only 2 levels, and I didn’t reply to any comment thru the admin area, but now i’ve noticed that some comments are out of order.. 🙁



    OK, strange enough, after looking into the database I found that the improperly ordered comment was posted to a 2nd level comment by a user who doesn’t even have any back-end privilege. How can he do that, since I’ve already set that only 2 levels of comments are allowed, and he should see no button to click and reply to the comment which is already on the 2nd level.

    The user is using IE8.

    I’ve encountered this issue on one of my posts and I think I discovered the cause.

    The problem is that I have been responding to certain comments through the admin and some of these comments are already threaded under other comments. It was all my fault.

    I had to go into the database and just remove the comment_parent value from my comments that were causing the problem and everything went back into place.

    Hope that helps.

    is there now a way to fix this? I went from a depth of 3 to a depth of 2 and now all level 3 comment are at the bottom while new comments are listed chronologically wrong before the former 3rd level comments. Any fix?

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