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  • Anyone have any ideas??

    Easiest way to tell is to temporarily switch to the default theme and see if the comments still appear messed up. If they are ok, it’s a theme issue.

    I’m having the same issue on my blog:

    Maybe this is a glitch in the comments loop? I never manually converted my previous comments template to 2.7… I just employed the comments_list template tag inherent to the RevolutionTwo theme.

    I switched to the default theme….the comments are still out of order.

    Any other ideas?

    Same probleme here…it is not a theme related issue.
    BTW, everything works fine when I deactivated threaded comments in WP options.

    Is it possible this is a WP bug?

    It’s difficult to troubleshoot when I’m relying solely on WP functions. WP functions that seem to work until a certain number of comments.

    Exacly…everything works fine with posts that have just a few comments.

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    clifgriffin … I don’t see any problems with your page. The comments that are ‘out of order’ seem to be reply to other comments which is how that’s supposed to work.

    Comment 1 - Day 1
      Comment 5 - Day 2 (reply to Comment 1)
      Comment 7 - Day 4 (reply to Comment 1)
    Comment 2 - Day 1
    Comment 3 - Day 2
      Comment 6 - Day 3 (reply to Comment 3)
        Comment 8 - Day 10 (reply to comment 6)
    Comment 4 - Day 2

    Those are ‘in’ order. If you turn off threaded comments, they zip back to the straight line order.

    Ipsteanu – please check this page When I post not as a reply, as a “new comment”, it appears in the middle of the page, not in the bottom like it should.

    Ipstenu, look again…towards the bottom it gets out of order. The nested comments are fine. It’s the 0 level comments that get messed up. See Bramus!’s comment. It is immediately after a Dec 23rd comment and immediately followed by a December 2nd comment.

    It makes no sense.

    I should note that when I view this in the admin interface, the comments are in order.

    So strange!

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    My post was eaten … I was trying to ask if this happens on every post or just after a certain number of comments. This is something I’d open a trac ticket about if it’s repeatable on multiple posts.

    In my case, it only happened with one post with more than 270-280 comments.

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    ghalexweb, do you have other posts with that number of comments?

    My post has 20 – 30 posts which is the most I have currently so I have nothing great to compare to.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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