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  • Hello,
    I have problems syncing Disqus comments with my WordPress website.

    I installed and configured with correct api data a disqus comment plugin, and made some comments with 3 different accounts:

    1) I made 1st comment and then a manual sync, it has been imported. ok
    2) I made another comment nested to the first one (with another user), waited 10 minutes without seeing the comment coming so I did another manual sync, and the comment has not been imported.
    3) made a 3rd comment, not a nested one, waited 10 minutes then I did a manual sync, here it it coming.
    now comments imported are 2 (the nested one is still not imported)
    4) I made other comments, nested and not, and nothing is any more imported. not automatic neither manual sync works.
    5) I followed this Disqus troubleshooting guide:
    made any single step with no success.
    6) after step 7 of that guide I did what it suggests: checking the option “Remove all imported Disqus comments before syncing”
    and BOOM: all imported comments has been cancelled from wp, and nothing is any more imported after severeal hours (even if I set a “dsq_sync_forum” cron job with WP-control plugin.

    but SURPRISE: comments ARE stored in database, and they seem in good shape, nothing strange in that records.

    but still not showing or counting on my wordpress admin or in my template on tags such as get_comments_number().

    any idea? this is just so bizarre!

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