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  • i’ve been having trouble with my wordpress blog telling people my comments are closed. i didn’t close them, and i don’t know why it’s closing it’s self. is there something in the code i should tweek to get this to stop?

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    Why don’t you try editing the entry and changing the comment status value.

    I just found out yesterday that people couldn’t comment on my site at all. I did, in fact, have the default post setting to allow comments. However, through a search here on the support site, I found an item that solved my issue.
    In the INDEX.PHP file, near the top, but after the < HEAD > tag, is a line that is commented out that has to do with comments. Simply removing the two slashes — // — then saving the file and reloading it my browser proved to be all that I needed. The comment pop-up box came to life!
    If the comment pop-up is the only way to allow comments (and I don’t know this to be true) then why is it not “allowed” i.e. not commented out, by default?
    Anyway, I hope this helps!

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    That’s not the normal behaviour at all.

    craig, i did that when i first got wp to work, it did not give me a popup’s still on my blog page.
    allusion, the comments are enabled and sometimes people can comment but then later in the day it will close the comments without me knowing..only when i go to my blog post area, and edit the post and then save it again, will the comments return to an open status.

    have u got modified index file?
    if yes try the default for a day or 2 to see if the problem reappear.
    if it’s the original index file than i m not sure. Installed 5 WP blogs. All working fine.

    i used the original index as a template so all the nesscary codes are in there…the only things i added was the images for the layout and the style sheet, and the rest of stuff that went on the layout..

    Is there perhaps something I missed in the install? I started with 0.72 right from the beginning.

    man, now that i checked, i had the same problem in the first entry of my blog. comments are closed. this is for real… logging in the backend and logging out solved it though… 😐

    maybe i should also make mention that i was upgrading from you think this might have something to do with it?

    What happens when people try to comment? What exactly is the error generated? A glimpse into your error-log from apache would help as well. Anonymous, if possible, please post your blog address so we can take a quick look.

    it’s not an error. it’s a message on the comments page that says “comments are closed” it’s not there now because i edited my blog entry and it went away.. that’s my blog, but i havne’t gotten any comments on the latest entry so they haven’t closed yet.

    also, i found another entry that is doing this as well

    I also have a thought to add to this:
    I noticed that whenever I post an entry using w.bloggar, all my comments defaulted to closed, not letting anyone do as such, but if I edited them, then they were open again.
    Are any of you who’re suffering this using w.bloggar to post?

    Well, one quick solution is to change the default post comment settings under default post options (under the admin page) to “open”. w.bloggar would just use the default settings, which would leave comments open. I could rewrite the blogger.newPost method for xmlrpc.php, but it would cause problems because w.bloggar does not allow modifications of their xmlrpc method calls. There would also be other problems with compatibility as this “b2 legacy” xmlrpc has well documented methods which are often used (and xmlrpc arguements are positional, thus picky).

    oh..maybe that’s it..i’m using w.bloggar…so i guess that’s why they are closed. the default comments setting is set to open of course. so i should just start using the on site posting method?

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