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    I’m using the theme ‘Bueno’ on a website, On each page that I use the ‘default theme template’, the box that says “Comments are closed.” will not go away. I got the text that SAYS ‘comments are closed.’ to go away, but the box is still there.
    I don’t want to delete it from my comments.php file because on the blog part of the site I want the comments to act normally.
    If I used the ‘full width’ template, it’s gone. But something about the default theme template(contains sidebar) is calling up the comments and it bypasses all of the cases of me commenting out the comments code.

    I’ve read and tried every suggestion I can find online and the farthest I’ve gotten is getting the text to go away, but the box remains.

    Any help would be great! Thanks!

    p.s. if you can’t directly solve my problem, you could maybe help me find the .php file that contains the ‘default template’? The Full Width, redirect, archive, etc.. pages are clearly marker, but I am unsure which file is the default theme php document. Is it just the page.php file?

    thanks again for any help.

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    Is it just the page.php file?

    Yes. That’s the default page template in most WordPress themes. You’d need to look for (and remove) <?php comments_popup_link([ some tag parameters ]); ?> plus any surrounding markup that you no longer want.

    single.php serves individual posts
    page.php serves pages

    your link didn’t work so I couldn’t look at it, but it could be defined in the theme’s style.css
    do you have a comments.php? with a line like
    <p class="nocomments"><?php _e('Comments are closed.', 'woothemes') ?></p>
    does this help to comment out?

    eit – follow esmi’s advice as this isn’t anything but guessing from me

    I just figured it out.

    The page.php doesn’t contain the comments_popup_link (although I had trouble with that stupid code in my last site! haha).

    page.php IS the default template.
    I could have sworn I tried this a bunch before (It may have been when I was getting page.php confused with index.php since I have a page as the homepage and not the blog posts..)
    But all i had to do was remove <?php comments_template(); ?> from page.php and it’s all good on, I’m pretty sure.., all the browsers.

    Thanks for the help guys! The forums here amaze me with how many people are willing to help. You guys are the best

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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