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    Okay, this is odd.

    I noticed this morning that a blog post I wrote *last* week which got a tremendous amount of traction had closed comments. I didn’t disable them so I went to the blog post and tried to check “allow comments” and “allow pingbacks.” The checkboxes were active, but when I went to Update Post, they disappeared. I was back to sqaure one with closed comments.

    I have no idea what happened, but I don’t have anything in my error_logs. I don’t automatically close posts after a certain time. My earlier posts (from 2+ weeks ago) are still intact. It is just this post with 141 comments that automatically closed the comments and I have simply no idea why.

    I had to manually go into the database and set “closed” to open, but I want to prevent this from recurring (perhaps it’s going to happen again). First of all, why did it happen? It sounds pretty malicious to me, and as the universal admin user, shouldn’t I be able to override this? Again, there are no universal settings and I don’t have plugins that interfere with comment closure.

    I’m baffled and I’m pretty tech savvy to know that this is super abnormal.


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  • Same problem, reported here.

    I have a question. Do you happen to be registered with Social Spark 2.0? I’m having the same problem and just realized it is happening ONLY with the two blogs that SS has access to, none of the others.

    Trying to make a connection…

    I’m still having this problem DAILY on two different blogs.

    I have repaired the databases, deactivated plugins, gone to a default theme. Nothing fixes it. I haven’t had a single response in three weeks to my original post on the issue. Don’t know what else to try.

    I’m pretty much disabling my blog to see if I can solve this. Very, very frustrated. This is killing my blogs.

    BTW, deactivated Social Spark 2.0 as per the message above. No change.

    Deactivated ALL plugins, went to default theme, AND repaired database (nothing to repair, BTW), and the blog still closed all comments and change the settings a couple of hours later.


    I just had a plugin that resulted in this problem: MemberWingX. !!Poof!! off it went when I deactivated it!

    Thanks for responding, millionairemah. I had read that earlier, but I don’t use that plugin. :/ In fact, as I wrote above, I deactivated ALL my plugins, went to a default theme, and repaired the database — and it still happened.

    Right now it’s occurring about twice per DAY. Killing me.

    Websheila has a few tips for us:

    Methinks the problem could also lie in Theme type. A million possibilities in this day and age of poetic code.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out. It’s not a theme issue for me, either, though. As I said, even after setting to the default theme, it still happened.

    Oh, that post doesn’t address the problem of trying to keep comments open. It’s about removing the text on closed posts that SAYS comments are closed.

    Was there something I missed?

    I’m having a similar problem described on this thread:

    Can anyone help? Discussion is big for my blog and I can’t have comments open. I can manually reopen everything, but from the comments here it seems it will just revert back.

    Could this be related to a host maybe? This blog of mine is hosted with I-Power


    For me I checked the slug of the post and noticed that it wasn’t correct, when I changed that. It worked. So just check the slug of the post and also your permalink structure. Sometimes if you use your own and just have: /%postname%/ and you have two postnames the same that can cause some conflicts.

    For my permalinks I use: /%category%/%postname%/%day%/%monthnum%/%year%/

    Hope this helps you.


    Interesting. What I had just finished before this problem happened on my blog was a series of 5 posts that all had very similar post slugs. I don’t believe I posted any with the same name, though but they were very similar.

    solidariti, I don’t know what you mean by an incorrect slug. This bug has never occurred for me when I post a NEW post (by whatever name). It occurs when I’m offline and, sometimes, when I haven’t updated a blog in weeks.

    I am not having issues with duplicate post slugs.

    On a side note, I would find such a lengthy permalink structure very cumbersome.

    hiii all
    i have the same problem too
    u need is to excecute 2 sql query in your database
    UPDATE posts p SET comment_status = ‘closed’, ping_status = ‘closed’ WHERE comment_status = ‘open’;
    in order to enable all the comments at once but still the new posts have no comments :S

    I also had the same issue where comments would not check. I found that had a plugin installed called WP E-Commerce and once I deleted that from my plugins folder (not just deactivate, but actually DELETING the wp-ecommerce folder) then I am able to open up comments again. Also, new posts have “Allow Comments” automatically checked. Perhaps there is something in the plugin that is preventing the box from being checked? Hope this helps.

    @james : I followed all what you said. First I desactivated all plugins, then I switched to the default theme, then I repaired the tables in PhpMyAdmin, nothing !

    Some of my posts have comments working, others have “comments are closed” for no apparent reasons. And the post slugs look normal :/

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