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    – My blog is at:
    – I use Wordbooker ( to crosspost my blog entries on to Facebook. People are able to post comments either on facebook or on the blog. the corresponding comment shows up in both places automatically.

    Lately, some comments have been appearing as duplicates. I don’t think this is just a mistake, because the name and date of posting are not the same. For example, a person named jude (who I know personally) comments on an entry. six or seven hours later someone else named Rick posts the same comment on the same entry.

    i can verify the original commentors, because they are my friends. However, the duplicate entries are always someone I do not know. if it happened once or twice i could let it go as someone trying to be funny, but its happening more often now.

    Password protection:
    I really don’t want to got this route. Since its a new blog, people are not willing to comment anyway, and password protection for comments adds another hurdle for them.

    Is there anyway I can solve this issue without introducing password protection?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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