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    i have set my blog to allow comments and pings but when i publish an article, even if these options in the write window are enabled automaticaly, the post has the comments off. i have to edit it, and enable those options which are disabled now, even if they were enabled when i wrote the article.

    thank you very much for you help.


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  • Keilya


    I’m having a similar problem except it’s on an on and off basis. Comments would just be closed with no memory of mine whatsoever of closing them. (Bottom line is I don’t close comments.) Really weird.

    WordPress version 2.5.1

    I’ve just taken a look at some other threads with similar symptoms like this ( But those were back in the 2.2 days. I didn’t find any large amount of spam links in those posts (in fact I don’t think anything changed except that comments were turned off), so I do hope it’s not some worm/hacker in my system. *crosses fingers*

    Has anyone else had this problem? We are also having it at our blog ( running WP 2.6.1 with no sign of spam or any other changes on the affected posts. It affects ALL of our posts, all the comments turn off just as if someone had entered a SQL statement setting that property across the whole posts table. We don’t have the auto-post-closing plugin or anything, so I’m not sure what could be causing this.



    I’m running 2.6.2 and I have the same problem ( – every post preceding the update had its comments closed. Does anyone know how to turn them all back on without having to manually go back and edit every post?



    I’m having this problem too. It was an on and off problem before I upgraded 3 days ago. Now I can’t get comments or categories to work at all.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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