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    I need your help… Since two days, on the Blog Frontend all Comments are not displayed. The comment count number is zero and also the comments are not displayed to the posts.

    But in the backend everything is fine. I can see every comment to the posts, can edit comments and much more… I’ve tryed different themes and it’s always the same problem… Comment Count is zero and there are no comments at the frontend.

    Any idea how i can fix this?

    Best regards.

    Restoring from Backup (November 13th 2012) is no Option… I would loose too much informations, Comments, and posts.

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  • Renato, you should check your tables (e.g. with phpMyAdmin) and try to do a repair on your comments table (or all tables). But remember to do a backup of your online data first! Only to be sure…

    Hi Renato

    Interesting Problem tough.

    Have you updated some Plugins during the last days or did you upgrade WordPress?

    You can try to disable all plugins and check if it’s working and then reenable plugin after plugin.

    Then as McPringle told you you should check all MySQL Tables and Analyze and Repair them. (but please do backups first 😉 )

    Third. Revisit your Backup Schedule. Probably put BackWPUp ( in place which will give you a huge boost to your flexibility of Backup and Restore Procedures.


    Yeah, Bastian is right, I remember that I read about a “Google Analytics Plugin” having problems with comments!

    Actually could also be the bbForum Plugin… After importing the Forum…
    I’ve all tables checked, analysed and repaired… No changes…

    Next will be to disable all plugins…
    Thanks for the plugin backWPup. Looks really good.

    bbForum could have replaced the “comments.php”! You should check that. There’s only PHP code inside, so replacing it with the one from your backup is safe without loosing content.

    Ou… It was the updated official Facebook Plugin… Thank you Zuckerberg-Crew.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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