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  • Hi Jayce

    I appreciate your comments on the following. I’m a new user of EasyRecipe and I’m considering it as a replacement for hrecipe.

    1- When I turn on JavaScript Minify, the “stars” go away from the recipe. I use WpMinify and would like to compress Javascript to speed up page loading.

    2- I’m using a wordpress theme that has its own shortcodes. When I tried to use your img shortcodes in the body of the post, the theme did not render them. Instead, it rendered them successfully only when used inside the recipe itself.

    3- EasyRecipe did not pick up any images from the body of the post, nor did it pick up the featured image in the post. I have tons of recipes with pre-existing images, and I would rather not have to add another image inside the recipe. I like your idea of having the plugin pick up and image from the post but it’s not working for me. I’d be happy if it picks up the Featured Image.

    4- In order for me to update the formatting of the EasyRecipe, I have to enter click on Preview Post, and then click on the body of the recipe in order to get the popup window allowing me to update the formatting. It’d be good to have this available without having to click preview post. And most importantly, I haven’t tried another recipe but I hope that I don’t have to manually update the formatting for every recipe, and that I rather set the formatting and it’s then parsed into every recipe.

    Thanks for your help. The plugin looks very promising, and if I get it to work well I’ll make a small donation.


    Here is an example recipe that I converted using EasyRecipe:

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