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    My WP is fine apart from when I click the comments link at the end of the post, neither the comments or the form show up:
    I installed Brian’s Threaded Comments Hack and it worked fine, so I think it may have been the messing around with the themes/theme switcher hack afterwards that somehow caused it.
    I’m a pretty new WP user, although I have used MT etc. before so I kind of know roughly what I’m doing. I’ve not changed the comments template in the admin, and when I view the source of my blog it simply has the code for opening tags and then nothing else. Any help would be soo much appreciated!

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  • There’s some funny characters in your templates: see this validation report.

    The characters in question appear as question marks when I view your source. Whatver they are, try replacing them with HTML entities. For example:
    « = «
    » = »
    © = ©

    EDIT: On further though, that may not be the actual problem, but it is a first step in pinpointing what’s really going on.

    1. Your comments are visible when switching to the WP Default theme.
    2. However the theme_switcher doesn’t work from Default back to Blossom.

    Thanks so much, I’ve replaced the symbols. So I’m assuming I messed up when installing the theme switcher then? Is it better to restore the unedited files and try doing it again? Or is there an easier way? Thanks again!

    Now that those symbols are replaced, you can click on that same validation link (above) and see some problems. The first big on I notice is that there are two opening tags for <body> (lines 70 and 71 in the report). Try to figure out why those get duplicated and delete the unecessary one.

    Okay I’ve got it down from 16 errors to 4. Those 4 are all linked to the theme switcher itself, and I can’t locate the code in either my admin panel or the theme-switcher.php file…I’m being blind, I know.

    Ok – I don’t think it’s your theme swithcer (though I could be wrong – especially since that’s what your were changing when things went wrong). Does your single.php template have a line like:
    <?php comments_template(); ?>

    Makes sure it does. If it does have that line, perhaps something is wrong with your theme’s comments.php file. Can you open that up and paste its contents into a pastebin?

    Weirdly enough it just had:
    <?php comments_popup_link('0 comments - add one?', '1 comment - add one?', '% comments - add one?'); ?>
    So I added your line below and it seems to have fixed the problem, thanks so much for your help 🙂

    Excellent. Glad it works! Can you mark this topic as resolved, please?

    I just installed WordPress and got the same error. Neither the comments nor the comment form shows up on the page. I have this code in my single.php template:

    <?php comments_template(); ?>

    But it still doesn’t work. Anybody have any idea why?

    I haven’t edited any of the original files, I’ve installed the latest stable release and I’ve tried both the Classic and Default templates. I haven’t installed any other plugins or themes yet. Everything works except comments.

    I have a “comments.php” file in each theme folder. What should I be looking for in that file to see if it’s not right?

    Six days and no reply? Jeez.

    A link is always useful in similar situations. It doesn’t always bring a solution but increases the chances.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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