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  1. Jinsan
    Posted 10 years ago #

    A couple or three items I need to cover, complete, or "do" for my site http://sekhu.net/wp/

    1a) I need to move the quick tag buttons so they're better aligned with the form
    1b) I am willing to leave the buggers where they areare if someone can advise where the bugger i could enter some text which says "enter a comment here, use the quick tags to do bla bla" on the right hands side, so essentially the text area will not be centered anymore

    2) how can I make the submit button however, - i suppose I could use the opacity thingy.

    3) how to change the #74 for example to comment seventy four so alphabetical rather than numeric.

    That's it I think. Just need to do the above add a gallery that integrates and then I shoudl almost be done.

    EDIT: 1 done, just 2 and 3 to go

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