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  • Sorry, I posted my plea for attention in the wrong forum … so, here it is here …

    tell me what you think:

    “gray” scheme. Too “gridy” ?

    “maroon” scheme. Too bright/garish ?

    What do you think of the link color ?
    Should I go with a nice blue instead ?

    Finally …. something cool I added,
    accesskey’s !
    Try alt + ] to go to the next page.
    alt + u will take you to the front page.
    I use these on the individual pages and the main.
    (i.e. people take note, you have to hit your access key, immediately followed by enter … Opera/Moz don’t require the enter)

    I just love this accesskey tag !
    If your interested I can tell you where to “hack” this into your site.

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  • Okay, now that I can compare both side by side, my preference is definitely with the original maroon scheme. I lean towards such things though, so I suspect many will prefer the more subdued scheme. They both look good in the end. It’s just a very slick looking site, so nice work!

    The accesskey tag bit I just kind of glazed over and went all blank though, but that’s because I’m still pretty daft about all this stuff and bumbling my way through the most basic of baby steps trying to pull my site together.

    Edit: oh, and the link colour works well with the site, imo. I don’t know that blue would tie in as well.

    Joan, you rock.

    for anyone snooping, accesskeys are like hotkeys for webpages.
    You can add them to any link, like this:

    <a accesskey="g" href=""> google </a>

    then people just hit alt+g to go to google … (except read my note about MS i.e. retardation above).

    Carefull with using those…. and make sure that people know they’ve been set and which ones. If you had used Alt-G for Google, it might cause me problems if I tried to access my Go menu and ended up at Google instead….


    I like the default one than the pink one…

    For the Link Colors:

    go to this page and keep clicking on ‘random base’ till you get a color you like and find all the other colors that can be derived from that.

    this way, you can use one color for the normal links, slight variations of the same color, for hover, visited,active etc for the link colors.

    Reach me if you need any help.


    yeah, that is the one thing that sucks.
    they need some sort of “standard” for the Meta key used for webpage accesskeys, and preferrably the browser should let you decide.

    so, for example, you could let (ctrl+alt) or (ctrl+shift) be your Meta combo for accesskeys … that way nothing collides.
    great color, btw.

    i say index.php 😀

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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