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  1. shawncbarry
    Posted 5 years ago #

    This isn't a question, but I felt compelled to post this note for anyone else looking for a members access plugin for a wordpress site they're working on. I purchased Magic Members after reading what I could find about their plugin's capabilities. I have a website developed in wordpress with members only content. The plugin works pretty well, but if you've been considering using Magic Members, here are a few glitches - they aren't obvious until you've purchased and loaded/activated the plugin...

    Basically, MM only works with credit card processing. Most payment processors offer Credit Card, Debit Card, Telephone and Direct Pay for the UK. The plugin can capture those who pay with credit card, but if someone joins in another method, you have to add them manually as a user. If everyone joins your site with a credit card, no problem. Otherwise, you have to email them yourself, get their preferred user and password from them, manually enter them, and email them back yourself. Then, you'll have to pay attention to the duration of each such member by looking at the dates in your control panel and doing the math manually to know when to cancel their membership, then cancelling them manually, emailing them yourself to tell them. if they want to extend their membership, they'll have to join again, and you do it all over again ...yourself.

    Seems REALLY dumb they don't just update the plugin to handle it, rather than telling customers to "do all the others manually" (direct quote).

    FYI. Otherwise, plugin works well.

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