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    Hello onegirl1!

    Go to Dashboard – Posts, hover over the blog title area and click ‘quick edit’. You will then have the option to ‘allow comments’.

    Shawna – Busy Momi Bee

    hi, i like your theme very much but custom made menues dont work properly. could you fix that?

    custom made menues are white but hovering over the items works fine and the standard one looks fine but cant be customized via wordpress backend only pages can be added, thats very frustrating

    it would be awesome if custom menues would be displayed like the not custom one

    is it easy to fix? plz help

    Kind regards

    ok i got a solution but it must be applied for every new nav bar created 🙂 maybe someone could improve this by adding just the object /couldnt find it/

    just go to your editor and add this

    .main-navigation > ul {
    	background: url(images/GrayChalkBG.png) repeat scroll 100% 100% transparent;
    	width: 109%;
     	text-align: center;
        	margin-left: -45px;

    go to appeareance – menus – edit menus
    create a new one named in my example “Menu 1”

    now i have a visible custom menu bar 🙂 hope this will help others experiencing the same problem 🙂

    Theme Author Shawberry Themes


    Hello Siratis! I am glad that you like the theme and were able to find out how to make the needed changes:)

    This is a free theme so customizations are minimal. However, the menu background color is an easy fix, if you are familiar with the style.css sheet.

    All you would do is find the following code (around line 64 in css):

    .main-navigation div.nav-menu > ul {
        background: url("images/GrayChalkBG.png") repeat scroll 100% 100% transparent;

    Then change the background to your preferred color code, for example:

    .main-navigation div.nav-menu > ul {
        background: #434955;

    Thanks for your comments and feedback.

    Shawna – Busy Momi Bee

    hi shawna, your solution is covering only to the standard nav bar which can only inherit static pages without any possibility of dynamic changes via wordpress menu management

    people with own custom generated menus can change dynamic the arrangements but have a blank and complete white unformatted nav bar.

    theres code missing for custom bars relating to your nice gray chalk bar as backround for example. 🙂

    thats the code i ve added

    but in my case this code must be added for every new custom nav bar generated vie menu manager with every new name. because i dont know the object name for accessing the whole custom thing.

    but at least the result is statisfying 🙂 and i am able to use this nice theme as planned 🙂 thx again

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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