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  • I have been working with the theme here and love it, but am having some issue with the comments.

    I have set the comments to display: block to have them always displayed but would like a little help with reformatting the “your email address will not be published.”

    I would like to completely get rid of it and drop the “leave a reply” down closer to the boxes. I may decide to keep it, but would need to resize it if I do… whatever is easier at this point.

    I have set up a child theme and have copied the comments.php into it to do some other changes I wanted to do. I just can’t for the life of me find that bit I mentioned above.

    — I would also like to resize the text in the post comment box and can’t seem to find that either… but that’s really not so necessary.


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  • After looking it over… I figure all I would like to do is reduce the size of the typeface and keep the text, but I still can not find where to do that.

    I assume it is somewhere in the style.css, but where?

    thanks for your help!

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You can use a browser addon like Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools to pinpoint the correct CSS selectors to target to make changes, by right-clicking on the element in question and selecting “Inspect”. That will tell you what styles are applied to which selectors so you know what you have to put in your child theme’s style.css to override it. I believe it’s either #reply-title or #respond, or some variation (don’t know off the top of my head, and my sites use Jetpack comments which has slightly different markup), but try the browser addon to find out for sure.

    thanks… I’ll try that.

    I thought maybe you or something would know right away…


    so part 1 is fixed… thank you!

    The other thing I am trying to do with the comments section is to replace “post comment” with some other text. I see the function in firebug,

    <p class=”form-submit”>
    <input id=”submit” type=”submit” value=”Post Comment” name=”submit”></input>

    but it does not tell me what file that appears in. I have looked all over and am hoping you have some more insight…

    I promise… this is it after this! I am thoroughly enjoying the theme and after a little modifying, is working brilliantly with my aesthetic. Now I’m obsessing over the small stuff.

    many many thanks!

    sorry, it is the “reply-title”

    but where can I find that to modify?

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You can add the #reply-title selector to your child theme’s style.css or Custom CSS plugin and add properties to modify it.

    And the comment form markup is generated by WordPress’ default comment_form() function, so you would need to filter that function in your child theme. There may be some tips in the Codex as to how to do this; I’ve never tried it before.

    Sorry to interject, but Matthew can you tell me how you got the comments to always display? That is something that I was searching the forum to know how to do.

    Hey mart28,

    just look over here:


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