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  • This is a call for open collaboration / job posting for the next version of CommentPress (

    CommentPress is a custom WordPress theme / plugin that enables paragraph-level comments (among other things). The Institute for the Future of the Book is currently revising CommentPress to work with WordPress 2.3.1 and better integrate with existing blogs (at present it works best as a new install). It is an unusual take on blogging being used in some publication experiments – as such the project should come with both inherent interest and bragging rights.

    In the spirit of the WordPress community, we are seeking collaborators interested in helping with this upgrade. The project will start by retrofitting CommentPress onto a single existing blog (with functionality appearing or not on a by-category basis), then merge the changes upstream into the existing CommentPress code (which is open source and freely available). We have good notes from the previous developer, but lack expertise in WordPress plugin development, so any experienced collaborator would be appreciated.

    That said, we also have a small budget for professional development. If you are interested taking on this project professionally between now and January 15 2008, we can offer a contract of ~$2500 (negotiable) payable on delivery if certain development criteria are met. The developer should be familiar with WordPress plugins and themes, javascript, and ideally JQuery – the job includes the possibility of subsequent employment working on advanced features for the same project.

    If you are interested in either collaboration or further details on the job, please contact

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