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  • This is something rather confusing.

    I posted a test comment one blog, and it somehow appeared in other blog. The whole commenting system is messed up.

    come see for yourself at

    How do i fix it? I removed all my posting and repost everything. I also reinstall the blog and maintaning the wp-config.

    What do i do now? Thanks

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  • come see for yourself at

    what are we going to see?

    The commenting problem.

    you try to comment on a blog entry.
    and somehow it shows up in different entry. why does that happen?

    ah ok, your original post was confusing.. you said “blog” not “post” 2 different animals when trying to figure out problems.

    my test comment went into moderation, and it told me that right under the post I commented on.

    Here are the headers I sent:


    yea i saw it and approve.
    hmm i thought it did set it to auto approve.

    anyway. the comment went into one of my posting.
    which is about the racoon post.

    did u comment on that?

    nope.. whats the post_id of the racoon entry? Is it 5?

    yea the racoon post id is “5”.

    what is happening? I can’t figure out the problem

    hmmm, good question.

    comments.php.. have you made any changes to it?

    permalinks.. are you using anything special?

    nope nope. i didn’t do anything to it.
    i used the htacess code as provided in the admin section.

    just this afternoon. i reinstall the blog
    but maintaining the wp-config.php . everything was reset.
    all post were removed. I reposted everything manually.

    Could this be a bug?

    hmm.. did you clear the database before reposting everything?

    I doubt its a bug, this goes it where it ought to go:

    yea i drop everything in the database instead of using “empty”.

    I had just removed the racoon post.
    and when u post comments, it goes to a different post again.



    this is a pretty serious problem and I hope someone out there can help me.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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