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  1. Postimestari
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello World!

    I am using archive as my main user interface. My site displays information which is ordered by weekdays and the user browses the events of the given weekday. The headline of the post directs to the single.php.

    I have not been able to get the commenting working properly. When a comment has been inserted the loop throws the user to the single.php while my intention is to keep the user at the current post.

    my site: pubivisa - pubivisat - tietovisa - tietovisat (in finnish)

    WP version 2.6.5.
    using Yet another ajax paged comments (YAAPC) -plugin.

    How can I tweak the loop not to redirect to single.php? Or is there a plugin to manage that behavior?

  2. Postimestari
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Also the ajax comment plugin works well in single.php but not in archive.php.

    My goal is to have the comment show completely without refreshing the page. Because the commetns are shown via hidden div tabs. Refreshing opens the default div.

  3. iridiax
    Posted 7 years ago #

    By default, post comments only show in the single post view. I don't know if there is a way around this.

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