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    If I open the reply link in a new tab it does change to “Leave a Reply to user_x”, why would it work on a page load but not dynamically?

    Same thing with mine, click reply and the text area moves and the cancel reply comes up but it will still say “Leave a Reply.” Click the reply link to open in a new tab and it displays the “Leave a Reply to Name” just like you said. Very odd, guess we’re doing something wrong.

    This is a bug, it doesn’t even work in the default theme. Ticket is opened for 2.7.1

    I am having the same issue even with the default theme so it must be a bug like DaMsT said.

    I have noticed however, if you place the <?php comment_id_fields(); ?> in a specific area i.e. by replacing id=”comment” in the comment textarea of the form with id=”<?php comment_id_fields(); ?>” it WILL show the name but it throws the reply box down to the bottom of the page instead of leaving it on the specific comment.

    The bad news is that the “how to” notes on this topic however do say that id=”comment” must be present.

    I’ve tried moving the <?php comment_id_fields(); ?> to specific points within the form and nothing works. I guess we will have to wait for 2.71.


    Samesies. Getting really annoyed.

    Also having this problem, opening the Reply link in a new tab does make the alternate h3 text appear as well.

    The ticket’s been closed without a solution!

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else here. Reply link only works in a new tab, as jaacob says.

    Is there any fix for this bug? Is it in fact a bug?


    This issue is not resolved.

    I’ve created a new ticket:

    Here’s something that’ll make you feel good:

    “Reply to (author)” only displays when javascript is disabled in your browser. If javascript is enabled, you see “Leave a reply.”

    Pretty smart thinking, eh? Offer less functionality to the majority of visitors, who do have javascript enabled in their browsers.

    Offer more functionality to the few who do not have javascript enabled.

    And while you’re at it, don’t bother to monitor the issue and attempt to explain what’s up to the users who are competely confused by such illogical behavior.

    Ok, trying to make sense of this, after a few hours of pure madness,
    I’m gonna quote Ottodestruct and his explanation of the concept:
    “The “Reply to Person” only works when Javascript is disabled on the client. That’s the purpose of it. If the javascript is working, then you don’t need to see the Reply to X thing, since the reply box itself moves to where the reply will be. However, without the javascript, the page has to reload to get the reply-to info, and the name thing there is a visual indicator of who you’re replying to, since the reply box will be at the bottom and not in the right place.”
    I still have to decide if I agree or not. He does make sense and I understand why this is NOT considered a bug in some quarters.
    But still, the personalized reply to %s looks much better to me.

    I also had the problem with comment_form_title not working with threaded comments. I will try your suggestions and let you know is it work.


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