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    I’ve seen a couple of other posts concerning this problem, tried one proposed solution, but did not have any luck.

    The comment_count field in my wp_posts table is incorrect for some of my posts. As an example, if one person comments, the viewable blog shows “Three Responses” but only the one actual comment.

    If I go check the wp_posts table and look at the specific post, the comment_count field shows a 3.

    If I change the 3 to a 1 in the table and go back to the viewable site, it shows “One Response” which is correct.

    Any ideas?

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  • steve49589






    Still having the same issue. There are others that have had the same issue in an older thread that is now marked as resolved, so I need to keep this thread active.

    I have the same problem and still no solution. (I posted it also in the German WP board.)

    Not each post is concerned, so far I’ve seen just two. One has 3 comments, but the comment count shows 15. The other one has 7 comments, but the comment count shows 49.

    I’m using WP 2.7.
    It’s not a plugin issue. I deactivated all my plugins and the comment count is still wrong.
    There is also no spam, comments awaiting moderation, pingbacks or trackbacks.

    I’ve found the cause for the bug, at least in my case:

    It is the plugin Role Scoper. The developer of this great plugin is working on a solution, see this thread in his support board.

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