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  • Hey,

    Can anyone link me to the wordpress comment validator that uses a randomlly generated set of numbers in order to verify a user’s post? As of now I’m using an email validator, but I noticed on this site:

    A much better way!

    Thanks in advance, I love you all dearly.

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  • There is a page here with various plugins:

    The top ones to stop spam are (in alpha order)
    Spam Karma 2

    Yes.. I have tried all of them. I’m just specifically looking for one like whats featured on that site I linked.

    IMO, having to clean out logs of all the spam it catches is annoying. I’d rather have them need to input random text in order to verify its a human.

    bozer – go to the link. there’s a huge list of options for you to choose from, including ones that do what you see on that other site.

    it just happens that a lot of people don’t like those because of accessibility issues and having to have different things installed on the system just to generate a little image, when spam blocking plugins can do it for you.

    you can set the logs in some of them to delete on their own…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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