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  1. drmk
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Here's what I can figure out: if I delete a comment (for being spam, or a duplicate post or something), the comment nesting/threading after that post goes all crazy and comments don't nest/thread properly.

    Here's an example:


    I've linked to a comment that was a reply to a spam comment that I deleted. If you scroll further down the page you'll see that there are very few nested/threaded comments (although there are some) and there's lots of comments by people saying that their comment didn't end up where it was supposed to. [If you scroll UP the page you'll see that nesting/threading was working just fine until the point where a spammer posted.]

    Is this a WordPress issue, or is this an issue with my theme? Comment nesting/threading works fine as long as I don't delete posts, but the minute I do things go all wonky.

    I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!

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