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  • I did some searches but didnt find anything related to what i wanted:
    I would like to add an option on the comments where people could choose their gender (male or female) and according to that their comment text would be blue or pink respectivly. Doesn´t seem hard but to someone who doesnt know its difficult! Can someone help me out?
    btw: it would be great if after checking a radio button “male” an image/icon of a man appeared on the comment info of the auhor!

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  • eek! pink??? eek!
    well there is a hack for alternating the colours on comments…maybe it’s modifiable?

    don´t you like pink?
    blue for boys pink for girls 🙂

    blue for gays, pink for lesbo… :/

    nope i don’t like pink, i like blue and green 🙂

    How will you know people are telling the truth, girls who don’t like pink might lie and say they’re guys…

    like me you mean? cuz i love blue or the people who don’t like to say…

    i really dont understand why so many fuss about the comment text color!
    May i ask instead, if anyone can help me displaying the male and female icons when the user submits his comment?
    p.s. to those who dont fit in these two categories or dont want to tell their gender i´ll put 4 images for the user to select: 0+ and 0-> and 0+> for homosexuals and finally ? for those who want to make a secret out of it.

    I’ll take a look at it, ok …

    Pink for girls and hot pink for boys!!
    Sorry couldn’t help it. It’s the pink/blue issue that people made fuss about.
    Maybe a custom field for comments?

    @ jmschot: thanks!
    @ felisha : yes, i know, but i never thought that people would dislike blue boy and pink girl 🙂
    Long live democracy 🙂

    This is the code that i have so far (please dont laugh..)
    In the comments page i added this:
    <INPUT onclick=”document.images.display.src=’man.gif'” type=button value=Man name=face2>
    <INPUT onclick=”document.images[0].src=’woman.gif'” type=button value=Woman name=face2>
    <img src=”man.gif” name=”display” width=”15″ height=”16″ id=”display”>
    that makes 2 buttons, one named Man other named Women, that when clicked by the user change the image to the corresponding gender.
    What i dont know how to do, is pass this info when the user clicks submit..

    Well, i’m doing it with just radio buttons, the rest is up to you – allmost finished, i’ve only got to write the function for retrieving the info … bear with me 😛

    thanks jmschot!
    i´m selecting the icons to display.

    ALSO add this to your wp-comments-post.php somewhere BEFORE the other thing you should add here:
    $gender = trim(strip_tags($_POST['radiobutton']));

    and i thought blogging was genderless.
    i need beer. :O(

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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