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  • I need to create a multiple visualization method with TABS.

    I have already created (with a plugin) my configuration but when i try to call the comment template in wp tab this don’t work.. i’ve tried with php, iframe, div, ol but nothing happens.

    My configuration is :
    Info tab –> Done and work properly;
    Videotab –> Done and work properly;
    Imagetab –> Done and work properly;
    Update –> How i can create this??
    Comments –> how can i call my comments template in this tab??

    Thank in advance,

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  • Do you mean that?

    <?php comment_form(); ?>

    yes…i have tried with comment_form and
    <?php comments_template(); ?> but without results.

    Here my tabs:

    [wptab name=’Video’]<iframe src=”” height=”385″ width=”640″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>[/wptab]
    [wptab name=’Gallery’]Here i will insert my gallery[/wptab]
    [wptab name=’Update’]Here i will insert the specific updates[/wptab][wptab name=’Comments’]<?php comments_template(); ?> [/wptab][end_wptabset]

    That is a shortcode from a plugin, try asking in the plugin support forum. (Green button on the Plugin page.)

    Comment forms can only be added where comments can actually be posted so you canĀ“t add the form to the content part of your posts or pages.

    And without plugin, how i can get the same results? For ex.: if i want to slit a page in three sections, like info-spec-comments? Thks in advance,Nicdom

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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