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  • Hi, all.
    It seems that I am starting to get hit with comment spammers. My site is rated fairly high on Google, as there aren’t many sites out there about Nuclear Moose. I have comment moderation on, so at least they don’t get posted.
    Today I decided to kick up a fuss. I ran the whois and stuff and sent the following note:

    It is my policy to bill US$150.00 for every unsolicited advertisement placed on my site. I give a single warning and then I start sending out invoices. Please advise your client of this. If I am unable to bill the client directly, I will bill the client’s Internet Service Provider for failing to enforce acceptable use policies.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Can’t wait to see the response!

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  • I had the same basic thing happening in my referral list, and started to write an email… Then decided against it — until some time when I’ve got all my personal contact info off my domain records… Don’t want some freak coming after me because I got his dozen p0rn sites shut down… 😉

    I got an email back from the company, and they must think I have recently fallen off of a turnip truck. It may well be that the host is the company that is actually doing the spamming. Anyway, they want me to provide my full name and address, along with the IP address of my computer, and complete details of the SPAM event.
    Uh, sure…I’ll do that. Would you like my bank account numbers and all of my passwords as well?
    I think my fee will be $250! 🙂

    Just to mention it: they might argue that they used a trackback to send in the comment. So you should also mention your “150$ per unsolicited advertisement” also right beside the trackback links.

    Well, I just got hit with 72 comment spams in one hour – it is indeed a bot. the site has already been suspended by the domain host, Comments are already set to Modkin, I have imported thr blackhole list and added that domain and have started adding hte proxy IP’s to it is well.Only 64 to go. and since it’s the same domain, and I use the USPS rate of $500/incindent…
    Of course, I’ll never see it, but 500×72= $36,000US is a nice chunk of change…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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