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  • On my new WordPress blog (recently ported from MovableType).. I find I have a very “squished” look on my comments section. The first comment on a post (when there are multiple comments).. and the first entry field for the name when you are entering comments.. is jammed up tight against the heading.. instead of under it, as it is supposed to be.
    I’m new to coding.. very very new to it.. and this seems so different from MT.. could anyone give me any simple ideas on how to put in a space?
    my weblog addy is

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  • I think you probably just need some in there somewhere. Play around in wp-comments.php and see if you can locate the right text and then put that in and see if it helps. Just do one at a time so you can remember where it was and erase them if it isn’t right. (maybe copy and make a backup first, just in case! 🙂

    OMG what kind of idea is that ??????. Please. Style the CSS.

    Cybernaut – you’ve got no comment styling in there at all.
    Check what came with the default install.

    Well maybe I am just stupid, but in all of my installs and most installs I have looked at there is a after the H2 for Leave a comment, then it says Line and paragraph breaks blah blah… and as you can see on his page, it doesn’t say that, so he appears to have also deleted the p which would give him a break after Leave a comment, which is what seems to be what he needs. To me anyway. *shrug*

    Yeah – the guys who did some of the fancy styles in the style sheet comp kind of skipped on some of the details.

    Ok, I can understand that using a p isn’t right, since there is no paragraph of info going into it, like in my examples. (Then how about a
    ?) How do you style something in a way so that it breaks after it, or do you style the thing after so it breaks before? I don’t mean to be a retard, I really do want to understand this better.

    Well what we do not want to do is find the comments page and start adding anything to it at all. Comments selectors are already in the CSS file. All we need do is add a top margin or some padding / fancy borders / whatever, in there. We do not want to be hand coding br tags all over the place.

    To be exact in #feedback.

    You’ve got other problems, too.
    on this post & comments the page says it’s utf-8, but in the main story are all non-unicode characters; in the comments they’re apostrophes. How do you generate your posts?

    I beg your pardon. The proper selector for the CSS is h2 # comments. Incidentally the comments are now in lists for our added convenience. It is just basic list styling.

    Houston we have a problem. Cybernaut can you confirm you are fitted with WP 1.2 please.

    As far as I know I have the most recent edition of WP. As I am a severe newbie a friend of mine uploaded it… I’ll ocnfess to being the one that butchered the comments code. I thought it was a glitch having all that exposed code, so I deleted it 🙁
    I fear I have mangled everything. I am hoping I don’t have to ask her to totally reinstall, though 🙁

    Btw, thanks for all the answers so far.

    Ah. You’ve fessed up now. Thats good. Welcome to CSS.

    Up until the newest post, all the previous posts were in my MovableType blog. All of the errors with the apostrophes and such, are something that happened in the port over.
    So, there is no simple easy fix to this comment question, right? I’ve added the break tags, and nada…
    I haven’t the foggiest clue how or where to add any buffer or margin tags…
    Are the wordpress comments supposed to have all of that exposed code look, like it did when it was default? What is the purpose of it? All I wanted was a nice clean design, which is why I stupidely deleted it 🙁

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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