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  • When you manage comments there is a convenient “search” box. So, I’ve got 1193 pages of comments, I search for comments containing “bush”, and it’s now down to 49 pages of comments. OK… if I press any of the page navigation choices (e.g. “2” to go to page 2, or “next”), it shows me page 2 of ALL comments, all 1193 pages of comments.

    In other words, the comment search results do not page properly. Bug? Feature? Old news?

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  • Can you copy-n-paste the URL provided by one of the “next” links?

    Sure, it’s:


    Which, of course has no “memory” about being the subpage of a search result… which tells me, this is a bug. No?

    Well, it stays on the page and passed to the next. I would say submit it to the WP Trac and outline the problem.

    I’d be interested to hear what comes of this. I can’t duplicate it on any of my installations.

    So are you saying that you don’t see this on 2.2? I don’t see it on 2.1.4, but I do see it on 2.2.


    And the result of your search ends up with pages of results? Wow… I’ll have to test some more here…

    Time to start with the “so… what plugins do you have enabled?” routine I reckon.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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