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  • Hi there. There’s no other better explanation than what this guy posted previously (no solution found) where he basically says:

    What I’d like to accomplish is the following:
    I like to add a “Reply to Comment” Link at the lowest allowed Depth in the new 2.7 threaded comments.
    At the moment I have a depth of 2, so only top comments have the link to reply to them directly and all answers are shown below this comment. If someone else already answered to it, the comments are shown in chronological order.
    Unfortunately I always have to click on the reply link from the top comment, because the comments below it don’t show the link.

    Is it possible to have a reply link on these lowest comments, which does basically the same as the reply link on level above, so that people realize they can answer here as well?

    At the moment, I am using comments at depth 2 with the code from the Codex which is:

    <?php comment_reply_link(array_merge( $args, array('reply_text' => 'Reply', 'add_below' =>
     $add_below, 'depth' => $depth, 'max_depth' => $args['max_depth']))); ?>

    However, no “reply” to this comment link appears on the children comments. Please help!

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  • Please help T~T


    A little more on my problem:

    First, is it normal that the reply-to-this-comment-link only shows up on the parent comment and on none of the child comments?

    I was in here last time asking about it but no one could figure out why it doesn’t show up for my child comments. My comments are set to a depth of 2.

    I managed to solve this (partially) by manually coding out something that creates a similar code output as that of the comment_reply_link function but now any comments made using the reply link on a child comment are turned into a parent comment unless I change the max depth to 3 wherein it then moves under the child comment although any 4th depth comment becomes a parent anyway.

    My problem could probably be solved if anyone knows how to (if it’s possible) create a conditional statement to check whether the comment is a parent or a child?

    I’m not sure I’ve got your problem straight in my head. But I had a problem with the reply link not showing up. After lots of faffing about, I just copied the ‘comments.php’ template from the ‘Default’ theme into my thoroughly customised theme. It worked!!

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