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  • I apologize in advance if this has alreayd been talked about but I’ve noticed a problem since upgrading to wordpress 2.0.

    On my blog, in the post summary (where the author’s name, category listed, etc) the Comments counter stays at “0 Comments” all the time, even when there are comments on the post. You can view the comments but something isn’t causing the counter to update.

    Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks!

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  • Go to comments.php in your theme editor and look for code that looks like this:

    <?php comments_number('No Comments yet', 'One Comment', '% Comments' );?>

    Do you have that function called in your theme?

    I have the following in the theme:

    <?php comments_number('No Responses','One Response','% Responses' );?>

    Are you using spam karma?

    It’s installed but deactivated.

    I misread what you wrote before. You say that it is your post summary, not the actual posts with comments et al. I’m assuming you’re speaking of this page, the one that is in your profile, and taking a look at the front page I don’t see any mention of comments.

    And the counter that gets you this number, is it a plugin or a template tag? Can you locate the code in your theme that is malfunctioning?

    Nope, the site in question is a personal family site that I’d rather not post the URL to. I can email you the URL directly if you’d like to look at it.

    Suffice it to say it’s using a pretty standard theme (I tried Themes made for WP 1.5 & 2.0 just in case it was a problem with a 1.5 theme on 2.0), that has the post title, then the excert below it. Underneath the excert there’s the author info, date it was published and comment info where it should say, for example on one post “2 Comments” but instead they all say “0 Comments.”

    I have no clue what’s up but noticed that it did become an issue after the upgrade to WP 2.0

    I’m having the same problem. If you look here: and scroll down to the post titled “Malindi part 1: Fear” you will see it says “No Comments.”

    Click on the comments link and you’ll go to the page where there actually is a comment — right above the comment it says “No Comments Yet.” It’s using the code that you posted here.

    deguia and ccheaton, read this reply in another thread and see if the solution fixes things for you:

    I am new to WordPress (2.0) and to php but so far am finding my way well enough, with a few frustrations to contend with, though. I can currently only send comments if I access my site using IE. I cannot send them using Firefox, all I get is a blank screen after hitting send. Can someone please help?

    I tried Kafkaesqui’s fix that he linked to.

    It updated the comment totals to date. But still doesn’t update with future comments.

    Any more ideas?

    >>> Any more ideas?

    Yes. Here’s one . . .

    Go to the plugin compatibility page and deactivate any plugins you have that aren’t on it. 🙂

    For me, it was the Depokerizer plugin.

    Deactivated that and I’m good. 🙂

    All the plugins I am using are compatible, I checked with the list. My site – http:/ – looks fantastic and WORKS in Internet Explorer. In Firefox I’ve had a heck of a time. Not only do comments not work – I just get a blank comments.php page coming up after hitting send – but I can’t do stuff in admin using Firefox – that oh-too-common referrer error, all documented fixes tried to no effect – and when I view the site using Firefox, it looks great on the surface but you can’t get beyond the photo thumbnails. All problems I’m seeking answers to in other forums – save for the comment problem. I’m really hoping someone could take a look at my site in Firefox vs IE and come up with a theory or better yet, a fix.

    I’ve resolved the problem but I wish I could say how exactly. I switched to a different theme – one of the defaults – then switched back straightaway to the theme I prefer, Regulus 2.0. Et voila, the problem was gone! Folks can now comment on my blog using either IE or Firefox. All I have to do now is find a means of getting FAlbum to work, though I might wait for that to be updated as it’s not exactly compatible with 2.0 despite what the WordPress 2.0 plugin compatibility page says.

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