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  • I think I’ve reached the limit of my capabilities trying to design a custom template. I really need another pair of eyes to take a look at it and let me know what I need to fix. If anyone could help with my debugging I’d be much obliged.

    The idea for this blog is that it will be a video blog. I want to show only one post per page, but each page should display sidebar *and* comments *and* have links to the posts immediately before and after it. I have almost achieved this, however:

    1) The posts_nav_link “next post”, “previous post” links do not appear on the single.php page, and I don’t know why.

    2) Is there a way of displaying comment information at the bottom of the post without using wp_comments_popup? I’d much rather clicking on the “leave a comment” link skipped you down the page to the comments box. How do you do that?

    3) Is everything OK with my loop?

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  • 1. Because it is NOT supposed to be used in single.php. REad the docs.

    2. Search for comments on index and similar keywords…

    3. How could we know? (one has to see the code to tell – just don’t post it here!)

    Thanks for the prompt response! I apologize if some of these questions have been asked before. I have diligently been checking the docs, ’cause I know how much endless noob questions get annoying, but after 12 hours of coding and tweaking in the last 24 hours things stopped making sense and I had to ask for guidance!

    I just looked at the posts_nav_link page again and it’s a lot clearer the second time around.

    I’ve noticed that folks who get totally knotted up with their code have managed to share it with someone to look it over. For future reference, what’s the generally accepted way to do this?


    Please, put your code to and post back with the url.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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