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  • Resolved Kate


    Please excuse me guys, but I’ve copied this from my other post, which was a simple question that doesn’t relate to this query – so I’m not duplicating my question. Ok. But I would like some feedback on this please…

    Prior to becoming a very new WP fanatic, I looked at drupal. Incidentally, good software, but very difficult to master. I like WP for a lot of reasons but it lacks one particular functionality that I desperately need in my website – a damn good comment/preview.

    My website, when I finally get it up and running, is for writers primarily and as such, I offer a registered area for users to upload (type in) a whole chapter of their unpublished work (5000 words give or take a word) so that high profile publishers and agents in our specific genre can review and even facilitate book contracts.

    However, I really do need a very good preview function integrated into my website. Drupal has an excellent comment/preview node/plugin. I’d image that you’ve seen it, even submitted a comment or two, yourselves?

    I’ve searched WP plugins for that exact same comment/preview, where a user clicks “add a comment” type link on the bottom of an article, and the page reloads with the article in question at the top with the author’s particulars, then mid-way down the page is the user’s name and then a fairly large form box/section for commenting. At the bottom of the comment box are TWO buttons.

    First button “Preview�
    Second button “Post�

    A user can type whatever they like, click Preview and the entire comment is loaded into a new page for the user to review and correct any spelling/typos at their leisure. If the user wants to add additional comments, they can because the comment input area is underneath the draft comment.

    And, again, if more comments are added, the user can click “preview� and review his/her comments for typos. Once he/she is satisfied with the comment, then clicking “Post� will submit the comment into the public arena.

    I need that type of commenting / preview for my website. Is this possible?

    The existing plugins do not offer such a large scale commenting or preview like Drupal. I know that sounds dreadful but that’s where I stand.

    Your help or thoughts would be truly appreciated

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  • Gaia


    How about the LiveCommentPreview plugin?



    Hi Gaia,
    I’ve tried the live comment preview plugin found in the codex plugis, but it isn’t what I’m after. It only provides a “preview while you type” which isn’t what I want at all. I really need something that will load the “comment” into a new page, which original hardcode box area remains available for editing. With something like (5000) words being typed into the page, a top notch preview plugin is what I’m after.


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