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  • Anyone have this plugin working? I u/led it to the plugins directory and it isn’t even detected as a plugin.

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  • Live Preview does support html tags. What are you talking about? Test it out here.

    Do some research before you post.

    Fuzzy_logic> Do some research before you post.

    Sorry if I got it wrong. I spent an hour+ testing, it never displayed any of my tags, such as simple .

    And, perhaps not important to others, but it definitely doesn’t display pasted XHTML – I inferred that it was trapping keystrokes(?).

    That said, I only tested on Mac OS X – maybe what I saw is platform specific?

    I think this is an important issue for WP – the user community expects comment preview.


    Live Preview will not work when a user is delivered ‘true’ XHMTL (ie. application/xhtml+xml not text/html).

    That is due to the fact that .innerHTML will not work in an XML document.

    This is to update and correct my 3/8 post that Live Preview did not process HTML tags. Today I finally had time to dig into this. As pointed out by fuzzy_logic the plugin works fine – it is really quite nice, many thanks to authors Jeff & Iacovos.

    There’s a saying that “knowledge of existence is the key to finding stuff”, right? Knowning it would work motivated me to figure out how to make it work. It turns out my original problem was due to testing Live Preview in Safari and giving up too easily. It installed easily in my WP1.5/Manji2 theme – I didn’t try running unmodified Manji2 comments.php – I inserted the <?php live_preview(); ?> call where I wanted the preview. No other changes required.

    The nice styling buttons builtin to Manji don’t work properly in Safari either – c’mon Apple get it together!


    I dinged Apple in my just-posted reply, then discovered that Live Preview formatting doesn’t work in IE6/PC! I have tested with both Default and Manji themes – neither displays correctly.

    Of course it works perfectly in Firefox Mac/PC, sigh.

    Could this be why some WP users report “no workee” and some report “OK for me”?

    I also tested IE6/PC (on XP SP1) using Chris’s demo page

    which also does NOT work on my PC.

    Any suggestions mucho appreciated!

    I installed the live preview plugin on WP 1.2.2 and now comments are only accepted when the WP cookie is deleted or removed from the cookies folder.

    I am also using the Trencaspammers graphic-recognition utility to block comment spam. Since installing the comments preview plugin, a commenter can enter their name, e-mail address and comment, but the Trencaspammers entry form for the code number won’t let anything be keyed in if there’s a WP cookie on board. At least, that’s the best I can figure this out.

    I deactivated the plugin and that didn’t help. I then removed it, along with the code line that goes in wp-comments.php, and that didn’t help.

    Can anyone tell me what changes the plugin may have made in other files that should now be undone to get things back the way they were before the plugin was installed?

    Update to my previous entry. It appears this is only a problem with IE6, as FireFox comments still work properly.

    This is the biggest dissappointment for me with WordPress. Why can’t the developers pull their heads out of the sand and put a basic comment preview feature in the core code?

    I’ve tried both the solutions above, but neither of them is a TRUE preview of a visitor’s comment. They don’t apply my filters. In fact, ComPreVal doesn’t apply ANY filters — if I’m reading the code correctly, it actually DISABLES the default WordPress filters. It also adds html tags that will seriously confuse my readers (not everyone is a web developer like you). The Validation stuff is entirely unnecessary for me because I’m already using Textile, which, in theory, should clean up whatever cruft a user wants to stick in the comment box. The whole plugin seems unnecessarily ANAL.

    Live Preview (depending on which one you download) applies proprietary filters with curly quotes, but not an exact replica of my filters. Plus, I’m not that excited about sticking JavaScript on my site and having it break in a large percentage of browsers.

    Why, oh why has a simple TRUE comment preview not been built, yet? I’ve built a quick and dirty plugin for WordPress before, but this is entirely out of the scope of my expertise. Someone out there who knows how to code this, please get on this one!
    I tried it in IE6 XP Pro SP2 and it worked.



    This one is not working on IE 6 (xp, sp2): the bold or italic text remains the same. Silly.

    Working great with Firefox though.
    Maybe it’s just something with the code used to render the output… I’m writing to the author (Jeff).

    I installed both versions of this at my site and the preview part works for either. The problem I have is that I can not get it to process html tags. I went to the test site and it works great but at my site it just posts the text.
    I use the Avant Browser and have never had a problem with any WP items but I also tried it in IE and it did not work there either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried this with Firefox and the html tags work.
    So, how do I make this so it will work for the folks who do not use Firefox?

    There was a bug for ΙΕ in the previous. I have updated the plugin, so you can download the latest version. I am realy sorry for the late responce. Please, let me know for any other similar problems.

    I’ve just written a plugin that does a Movable-Type-like preview of comments, and I included a Trencaspammers-like captcha, all of which can be configured from the admin panel. I’d appreciate any feedback. Filosofo Comments Preview.

    LiveCommentPreview works great here in both IE and FF. 🙂

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