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  • Anyone have this plugin working? I u/led it to the plugins directory and it isn’t even detected as a plugin.

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  • Lack of comment previewing is a major disappointment for me with WordPress 1.5. Personally, I’m inhibited from posting comments on a blog when I can’t preview them first. Maybe it’s just not considered an important feature in the blogging community? Any enlightenment about this is appreciated.

    I’m using Live Preview from here and it’s working well-ish. (on 1.5 strayhorn)

    I wrote this up here

    a very simple process. and it works just fine in 1.5

    Thanks for the suggestions. I noticed Live Preview last night but it didn’t seem WP 1.5-ready.

    This is my first serious attempt to set up a weblog and I’m not familiar with all the components of WP yet. I tinkered with some 1.2 releases a few months ago before getting distracted by other projects. A couple weeks ago I tried one of the newer 1.5 nightly builds, then decided to wait for an official release. So, it’s great timing that it showed up a few days ago and I’m glad to be on the upward curve of its evolution even if some 1.2-based features are available.

    It’s rare to find comment previewing on WP blogs so I’m wondering if comment previewing will ever become a more “mainstream” WP (1.5?) feature that makes it popular to enable. Maybe trackback/pingback to one’s own blog is a reason previewing doesn’t get more attention? Why I’m asking is because without previewing it feels like I’m losing a feature that’s been essential for me on forums (along with post editing) as I embark on the journey into blogging. I’m certainly open to the possibility of making it something I won’t miss, but right now I feel crippled without it and thought other folks might appreciate that feature on my future blog. That’s all. 🙂

    Live Preview works fine on my site, so I would say it’s 1.5 ready as-is. Follow the instructions carefully, though, as there’s several ways to enable it depending on where you want the previewing to happen.

    Thanks for confirming it works before I tackle integrating it using the sparse instructions, including a comment from Kelson on Chris’ site. It already looks like WP will be a fun “trial by fire” learning experience.

    There is also ComPreVal: Comment Preview and Validation plugin, see

    I keep forgetting to try that one. Seems like a terrific plugin to me!

    I have spent hours and hours trying to get preview plugin to work in 1.5 without major mods to core code etc.

    I am a newbie and this one worked ‘out of the box’ with just the one line added to comments.php in my theme folder:

    well you can add one more to that, and it’s available from and .org or the main author site:

    Works in 1.5 absolutely fine – just upload and activate.

    man, what am I doing wrong. This doesnt work on my site. You can place the <?php live_preview() ?> tag anywhere right?

    7milesdown I have updated the plugin, in order to work with WordPress 1.5. By the way, if you are using 1.5 I will suggest this plugin. Just activate the plugin and you are done! 🙂

    I switched my site from MT to WP and now that everything is almost ok, I realize there’s no preview comment available… 🙁 With all the plugins available, I didn’t even think I won’t find one for this really basic feature!

    I just want simple preview, no live preview.

    I can’t get Compreval to work (tells me my comment should not be empty when it’s not), but anyway it has two major caveats: The html tags appears in the “edit you comment” form and it bypass the cookie made to remember the user’s info.

    So, is there really no basic preview plugin for WP?

    So, is there really no basic preview plugin for WP?

    The Live Comment Preview doesn’t seem to do anything I need – it doesn’t offer an HTML viewer, just plain text echo.

    I’m testing ComPreVal: recommended above. So far it looks good. Installing with Default theme was trivial. Now I’m looking at integrating with my Manji2 theme.


    I agree LivePreview is useless, IMO.
    I can preview with ComPreval but not post, it sees my comment as empty., even with default template and I’m don’t really want to spend time to make it work because of the two drawbacks I mentioned in my previous post. Plus, checking xhtml is nice, but it doesn’t check Textile syntax, which is a problem of WP or Textile plugin, btw: You can post whatever you want in Textile!

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