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    Hey Community,

    My Front Page comments are operating funny when assigning a static Page as the Front Page. When posting a comment the page doesn’t seem to enter the comment correctly.

    Detailed description:

    I’m developing a non-profit site, and I ran into several issues with comments on the home page in a custom template. I created a custom page template and assigned it to a page, title home page. Then, I set up that page as a static page through the admin>reading>front-page option. The page displayed fine as the homepage, but when I posted a comment, the page moved to the top of the page and displayed:
    but the comment did not appear and the page did not move down to where the comment is located, and I had to manually refresh the page for the comment to appear. I have developed several custom pages similar with no problem. I did a slew of trouble shooting using the codes from the other sites and couldn’t find a solution. I found that the comment function works fine when using posts, but for some reason, it doesn’t work on Pages assigned to the Front Page. Finally, I went back to the default template (for testing), and I experienced the same issue when a page is set as the home page for the wordpress default, check for yourself:
    (I may be editing this, so it might be changing)

    Anyhow, I’ve been stuck for hours, and any help would be great!

    Fingers crossed,

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  • Oh my goodness… it just worked!

    I’m not sure what it was, but there are two possibilities:

    1. The internet connection- I relocated to a different internet connection, and issue may have been associated with that particular connection. I also tried a different computer and different browser at the old location, both resulting in the same issue.
    2. The server- I am developing on a shared server, and this limits the ability to reset the server and etc. Maybe this was the issue, I needed a refresh.

    Also worth noting, maybe it is a combination of the two. Anyhow, I just wanted to post a follow-up and update. In the future, maybe someone will find this “vague diagnostic” useful.

    Fingers uncrossed and getting ready to have a glass of wine…

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