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  • I’m trying to convert a blog over to wordpress,the user wants to have commentpopups. I’ve managed to get them to popup, and can change the dimentions of the forms.and background color of the page.

    I’m looking to find out how to control the height and width of the popup window and how i could also add a small image to the top of the comment popup while keeping the same color background. Usually I would just add a tag in the php file, but I don’t even know what defines the comment popup. There isnt a comment-popup.php in the theme folder or in wordpress directory. I’ve searched the forums without finding much, got *comment popups suck* in irc support so any help would be great. Thanks

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  • In 1.2.x there is a file in the blog root, wp-comments-popup.php.
    In 1.5 there is a file in the theme directory (usually), comments-popup.php. If it’s not there, check one of the default themes (“Default” or “Classic”).

    These files are the popup comment page.

    If you have already figured out how to size the popup window, you might do better using CSS to add a logo to the top of the comment popup. The selector “.commentspopup #header” will style the header at the top of the page that normally contains the blog name. Set the width, height, and background properties to suit the logo, and add a text-indent: -2000px to get rid of the text.

    Great thanks for the help was just what I wanted to know.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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