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  • greentub


    I’m using the Standard Theme and in its settings it asked me to create a Comment Policy. I did, but I don’t see that it went anywhere on my blog. I was expecting to see it across the top with the rest of my pages (e.g. Contact / Booking).

    1. Where does Standard put this by default?
    2. I’d like to put a link to it in the comment field of every post. Something like “I reserve the right to remove any comments I deem inappropriate. For details, please see my Comment Policy.” I use Disqus. I know this is possible because I’ve seen it.

    I know nothing about modifying any php files, only the WordPress interface (and I’m a newbie at that!). My blog is here if you need to see it.


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  • WPyogi


    It looks like that’s a commercial theme?

    If so, you’ll need to ask them for help with it — these forums only support themes that are included on this page:



    greentub : :

    1. Clicking the “Generate” button under “Standard > Publishing” will create a drafted page. You will need to edit the content and then publish it. One published, you will need to add it to your menu under “Appearance > Menus”. I will note that the Privacy Policy, once published, will show up in the footer credit link.

    2. You will need to ask Disqus how this is done. If you were using the native WordPress comments, I would be able to point you where to go within Standard to add this.

    Hope that helps!

    And just as an FYI, it would be better to ask these types of questions on our support forum instead of here. Much easier for us to find and address. 😉




    For the record, I posted my question on the Standard’s site only after I was told that this site didn’t support a Standard Theme question.

    … And I thought I was in the support forums. That’s what this page says.

    But thanks again for your help.

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