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  • Since I installed wordpress 2.7, RANDOMLY some comments go into the “Pending Zone” even if my blog is free from all moderation. Why is that? How can I remove it? Is there some nasty secret that I don’t know?

    another thing is that I can’t retrieve the name of the author of the comment on the forms once he had already typed one comment.. why??

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  • No one knows what the problem MAY be?

    I have the problem as well, it’s very annoying…

    I searched a bit and it seems to be related to the Custom Smilies plugin. Apparently, WP 2.7 marks the smilies as links. In my case, all comments containing more than 1 link would automatically need to be approved. Since WP counts smilies as links (and people tend to use more than 1 smiley in their comment) the comments were held for moderation. I set the option to 10 links now 🙂

    I have been having this same problem and indeed I am using a smilies plugin. My visitors really like them so I hope not to have to remove them. Has anyone found a work around for this problem besides setting the links option so high?

    I found a fix a few days ago:

    Fix: Change the regular expression [line 48 in wp-includes/comment.php] to this:


    Eliminate that center question mark. If we’re applying the comment_text filter first, then any unlinked http uris will have been autolinked already, meaning that the href= will exist around them. Making it not necessary for it to be optional.

    This will also eliminate the false positive on an img src=”http:whatever”

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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