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  • Now this obviously does not seem right. The comment at the bottom of the main page at is not a link like normal and it does not show up in the dashboard to allow me to remove it. It seems like this is text in the source code somewhere and is not being pulled from a database, I could be wrong though. I have glanced through the php files and have not found anything, so I’m here hoping maybe someone else has came across this problem and can help me out.

    Thanks in advanced!

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  • esmi


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    If you are using the Recent Comments Widget in your footer area, remove it. If not, open footer.php and see if that line has been left in there by the theme’s developer

    <div class="sidebar_box">
          <h3>Recent Comments</h3>
          <div class="sidebar_meta">
            <?php if(function_exists("get_recent_comments")) : ?>
            <?php get_recent_comments(); ?>
            <?php else : ?>
            <?php mw_recent_comments(7, false, 35, 15, 35, 'all', '<li><a href="%permalink%" title="%title%"><strong>%author_name%</strong> in %title%</a></li>','d.m.y, H:i'); ?>
            <?php endif; ?>

    This is from footer_box.php

    Footer.php has a bunch of garbage that looks like this.

    Everything looks fine. This dont make no sense.



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    The sidebar snippet suggests that there’s a custom function controlling this display, so can you open functions.php and look for either function get_recent_comments or function mw_recent_comments and post the code from that function here? Or you could drop a copy of the entire functions.php file in

    The garbage in the footer is almost certainly the theme details and what looks like a spam-type sponsor link. I really dislike themes that do this.

    Ok I found it,

    Recent Comments
    function mw_recent_comments(
    	$no_comments = 10,
    	$show_pass_post = false,
    	$title_length = 50, 	// shortens the title if it is longer than this number of chars
    	$author_length = 30,	// shortens the author if it is longer than this number of chars
    	$wordwrap_length = 50, // adds a blank if word is longer than this number of chars
    	$type = 'all', 	// Comments, trackbacks, or both?
    	$format = '<li>%date%: <a href="%permalink%" title="%title%">%title%</a> (von %author_full%)</li>',
    	$date_format = 'd.m.y, H:i',
    	$none_found = '<li>Keine Kommentare vorhanden.</li>',	// None found
    	$type_text_pingback = 'Pingback von',
    	$type_text_trackback = 'Trackback von',
    	$type_text_comment = 'von'
    	) {
    	$mwlang_anonymous = 'Anonym'; // Anonymous
    	$mwlang_authorurl_title_before = 'Webseite von &lsaquo;';
    	$mwlang_authorurl_title_after = '&rsaquo; besuchen';

    I’m not really sure what caused this to change, it wasn’t like this before. I’m thinking this happened when I deleted all my post and comments when I was testing the theme. I really wish I had the time to learn php. Wait a min, I’m guessing that the $none_found command is just some default txt put in place when no comments are found. lol I guess that would make sense. Ok yeah I got it. I appreciate all your help.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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