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  • hi all, i am really new to wordpress and want some comment on my theme.

    some background:
    i used to have a diary (no category) written by me. now i port the diary to wordpress. yet i have some trouble finding places for category and other stuff (coz i didn’t think of those when doing the design for my diary and now i just migrate the theme to wp)

    i know all of you here are professional volunteers. it would be nice if you all can give me some professional advice on the theme itself and give me some suggestion on where i can squeeze some space for Category and Page maybe

    URL: diary [dot] toyoufromme [dot] net

    P.S. i do want to preserve the way that the comment form is if possible

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  • can anyone help me?

    I don’t like your color choice or the floating comment box, and in some parts of your posting, the font size is too small to read.

    But other than that, its original & clean (no validation errors).

    Well done.

    I’m sorry, I will not look at your site because you force me to enter something before I even get there. uncool.

    katgirl, what resolution are you on and how large is ur monitor?

    vavroom, sorry, i was trying a plugin. i have disabled that already

    It won’t let me get past the “give me your name” thing.

    site is down ?

    Monitor: 17″
    Resolution: 1440x900x60hertz

    josalmom, i have disabled that plugin already. Try Ctrl+F5? Sorry for the inconvinence.

    thaiboxing, i am also experience some slowness a while ago. I am hosting it on DreamHost and it seems a bit unstable. Yet it should be fine now

    katgirl, i am using 14″ with 1400*1050 and the font looks fine for me. would you specify which part do u find the font too small?

    Under July 2006 link

    Post: HSBC Internal System

    The font for your blockquote, to name just one.

    I tried taking a snapshot to show you, but for some reason my snapshot software kept telling me that it couldn’t load your category page due to insufficient memory.

    That is a first. I use it all the time on large sites.

    thx a lot

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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