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    My client’s blog – – is not sending notifications to the admin e-mail (Settings > General) and has never sent them since we set it up about a month ago. We have the boxes checked to e-mail whenever anyone posts a comment AND when a comment is awaiting approval in the moderation queue. But we haven’t received any notifications. I’ve posted “test” comments (from different computers) and still nothing.

    I’ve spent hours reading about the same or very similar problem that other users have had but none of their fixes have worked to date. Our host is Boschel Creative.

    – I set up an e-mail address for “wordpress.”

    – I changed the admin e-mail, three times with no luck on any of them.

    – I installed the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin and was able to use its test send feature to send an e-mail to several addresses. But still, even with that plugin and more “test” comments, no comments notifications.

    Does anyone have any other ideas, suggestions, etc.?

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  • unleashtheflyingmonkeys


    I wanted to add that the following plugins are currently installed:

    Akismet Stats
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Some more basic things to check:

    1) Disable ALL your plugins and try it. (You probably already did this, but lots of people don’t!)
    2) Make sure the notifications are not going to your client’s spam folder.
    3) Make sure there is nothing in your theme’s functions.php file that redefines the wp_mail() function or the wp_notify_postauthor() function (both of which are pluggable).

    I’ve had a problem recently where some emails don’t even make it to the spam folder, depending on the email provider/client. Turns out some providers automatically reject emails that don’t meet certain requirements, and sorting this out has been a tricky business.

    Keep me in the loop!



    Thank you! I’ll review # 3 (#1 and #2, done) and let you know what happens. I sure hope the e-mails aren’t getting auto rejected like you mentioned, yikes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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