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    I’ve received an email notification for years now whenever a new comment is submitted, whether it needs approval or not.

    This past week, I stopped getting emails, but I’m still getting comments. This happened out of nowhere.

    I haven’t updated anything, added plugins or changed any settings, nor has my ISP provider. My email address in the control panel is the same on ALL settings. I’ve tried the plugin thing (deactivate/reactivate) and that did nothing.

    Any ideas? What would cause WordPress to suddenly stop emailing me?

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  • Make sure your emails aren’t being marked as spam. If you’re getting lots of emails coming from your site, it could look like spam to your email client. I don’t think WordPress would just stop emailing, unless a setting on your server has changed or something.

    As soon as they mysteriously went missing, I started checking my spam folder. Nothing there. And I’m getting other notifications from WordPress just fine, for instance password retrieval and stuff like that.

    I have seen threads about this issue before but there never seems to be a satisfactory solution. And now it’s happened to me.

    I’m hoping that one day the mystery will be solved!

    Here’s what it is also doing – asking me to moderate comments for people who comment regularly. Even though I have the boxed unchecked for that setting. Again, this feature worked fine a week ago; now I’m having to manually approve my friends’ comments all over again.

    These 2 issues must be related but I can’t figure out how or why.

    hmmm, yea I haven’t seen that issue or ran into it myself. I have seen others facing similar issues but like you mention, there is never one single solution that resolves it.

    Hopefully someone with some experience in the commenting area can chime in and help out!



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    Do you receive other emails from your WordPress site – such as new user notifications?

    Yes, I am receiving all other notifications from WordPress just fine.

    Is there a way you can look at a recent comment and actually confirm that WP sent the notification to my email provider so they can check on their end?



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    Sorry – no. We have no access to your site here and WordPress does not incorporate that level of logging. Have you asked your hosts if they have implemented any new filters on their SMTP server recently?

    I did check with my host. Nothing has changed. No new filters or anything, and WordPress has always been whitelisted.

    There is no way for WP engineering to verify an email was sent?

    Can you at least give me the email address that notifications should come to so I can have my host check to see if it made it to the server?

    Type – “the email address that notifications should come FROM”

    Is there anything at all WordPress can do for me on this issue? I’m still not getting notification of new comments, yet all other WP notifications come to me just fine.

    This is a serious problem because I’m now having to manually check in multiple times a day to search for new comments or comments requiring approval and it’s a time suck.

    one possible band-aid solution might be to install Jetpack, and then install and use the WordPress mobile app. this will at least help with clicking approve on comments u know are ok less tedious than going to a desktop.

    This sounds to me like there could be an issue with wp-cron. I had a similar issue with a plugin called Subscriptions, certain things were not kicking off and emails wernt being sent, and in some case the wrong email being sent. not sure exactly how the support at WooThemes fixed it but they did mention it had something to do with wp-cron

    To peak into your wp-cron job list, get a plugin called WP Crontrol

    I’ve actually had Jetpack for a few years now and it’s always worked well.
    This is the first I’ve heard of WP Cron, but I’ll look at the plugin page.

    This is a really frustrating issue because I’ve read nearly every thread on this in the WP forums and there seems to be no diagnosis OR solution. Basically, should I just forget about ever receiving email notifications again?

    If you have eliminated the possibility of a plugin conflicting with WordPress email notifications, perhaps it would be a good idea to re-install the core files of WordPress and see if that works, if u haven’t tried that already. (this wont hurt or delete anything, it just does a fresh install of the core files without touching your stuff)

    Go to Dashboard > Updates and on this page click ‘Re-install now’.

    The next thing i would try is using a plugin to fix the problem. You could try using a email notifications plugin that uses imap or smtp or phpmail, these are different methods for sending email, using a different method may or may not solve your problem. a quick example of such a plugin is WP Mail SMTP I am sure there are others.

    you did mention that this suddenly happened. and that you have not updated or changed anything.

    If you still have pending updates to perform, it would be a good idea to do a backup and then update all plugins, themes and WordPress. (WordPress should update automatically, but plugins and themes need you to click update)

    Do you have anything that needs updating? it should have a red circle with a number indicating how many updates you have.

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