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  • This was working fine until recently – all of a sudden the comment notification email the my installation of WP (2.6.2) sends is no longer going to the admin address (mine) but instead are going to one of my blog author’s email address!

    The only change is that I recently installed bbPress in a subdirectory of my WP installation, and integrated it with WP so that it shares a user database. It doesn’t make sense that this should “change” where my comments notifications emails go to, but that is the only changes I’ve made.

    Can someone tell me if there is a fix for this? I don’t want my authors to be getting the emails that are supposed to come to me…..

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer………and for the record, I did read all of the posts on the topics dealing with the cessation of comments notification, but they did not seem to apply to my situation, which is just the sudden change of where they go.

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  • Bump – I really need help with this one…’s just too odd to figure out on my own..

    Comments are sent to the post author’s email at least that’s been my assumption.

    From: Administration > Settings > Discussion:

    Anyone posts a comment – Check this box so that every single comment posted will generate an email to the author of that post. Be warned that if your posts receive a large number of comments, you (or your authors) may find a very full email Inbox. If you wish to micromanage comments, then by all means, activate this setting by checking the box.

    Thank you for the response Michael, but my version of WP (2.6.2) does not say what yours does above (that you have in the grey box). Also, it has been working fine up until recently – all comment notifications went to my email address, not the author’s. The only change I made was to add a Forum using bbPress.

    If needed I will change all the author’s email addresses to mine, but I’d prefer to not have to resort to that.

    I took that quote from Codex and I believe that has been the case in WordPress for a long time. Wonder if you have a plugin that handled that?

    Hi Micheal – thanks once again for responding – I appreciate your time…

    Nope, no plugin. Since all the comment notifications came to me as the admin I just assumed that was the default behavior. I think I’ve figured it out, why the sudden change, unfortunately it leaves me in a tough spot.

    As mentioned I recently added bbPress – I’m guessing that my authors/moderators must have had MY email address associated with their logins previously, so naturally the comment notifications would have gone to me. In order for their gravatars to display correctly, those email addresses must have been changed to their own. Not a problem with that, except that now, of course, the comment notifications are going to them. Which is not what I want. I would prefer to be the sole moderator over all comments. My authors, while being very good writers, are not very good at determining which comments are spam and which are not, and it’s far easier and less disruptive to my day for me to make those decisions quickly instead of constantly needing to spend time reviewing them with someone else. I am using Akismet which catches a lot but some do still get thru

    I have read some other similar threads that refer to plugins to do this, but from what I recall reading they either didn’t work with WP 2.6 or didn’t do exactly what I”m looking for anyway.

    I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any………..

    Thought I’d post this in case anyone else is needing help with this issue (even though I realize my needs are different than most)…..

    I solved this somewhat by using the Multi-Author Comment Notification plugin, which allows me to specify the email addresses that should get notified of any comments.

    However, it does not appear to be updated for the current version of WP (I’m on 2.6.2) as it refers to a WP table in one of it’s variables that no longer exists. The error is:

    Warning: key() [function.key]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /[myURL]/wp-content/plugins/multi-author-comment-notification/multi-author-comment-notification.php on line 283

    Not being a coder myself I’m not comfortable trying to fix this plugin, but I did sent a message to the plugin author and hope to get a resolution soon. I’ll also post this in the section of this forum for the plugin to see if anyone else has come across this and fixed it already.

    In any case, even with the warning it seems to work……

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