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    In light of so much spam clouding the place lately, I’ve changed my theories on public commenting and checked all boxes to have ALL comments go directly to comment moderation.

    Whenever someone posts reports on new wave hacks and/or dubious IP and email addresses, I immediately update my SPK2 blacklist to include them.

    I’ve added ~!@#$%^&*()_+}{“:><?, etc, into the comment moderation field. I’ve logged out and changed browsers (IE6, Opera, FF, Moz & Net8) to see if its a browser problem. I put stupid email addresses into the email field AND

    ALL comments are by-passing the moderation field and going directly to posted. I don’t even seen the “Your Comment is in Moderation Awaiting approval” notification on my page.

    Given the amount of recent posts lately about hacks and god knows what, I’m concerned because I was spammed today (first time ever! I feel so violated *shudder*) so I went and changed all permissions on my wordpress install. My site isn’t even live – Hell. It isn’t even finished yet, either. Go figure…

    All folders and files changed with the exception of my current theme, which is work in progress and the wordpress folder – It refuses to be changed and remains at 777.

    Can someone please advise if its my IP address that’s the culprit to my dilema? Common sense tells me it is, but I’m not 100% sure about this.

    If it is, then I’ll rest a lot easier tonight and won’t have nightmares about the probability of waking to find 4000 spam comments choking the life out of my laptop tomorrow morning.

    If not, can someone please point me in the right direction as to how to fix this problem?

    Also, I’ve noticed that after I post a dummy comment to test the page layout, I have to refresh just to get the comment to appear. Is this normal?

    PS: Spam Karma2 and Bad behavour are currently running and SK2 picked up the spam comments and turfed them nicely. But I’m still nervy…

    Thanks a bunch!

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  • Have you tried chmoding the theme folder through BOTH methods? That is, through your ftp client interface AND through the control panel provided by your host?

    And have you refreshed to make sure you’re seeing what the folder is really chmod’d to?

    Thanks vkaryl, for your prompt reply.

    I didn’t know about the control panel bit by host. I’ll check that immediately. As to the other, after checking it appears that my wordpress folder is now 755.

    As to my question, would you know if its my IP address that’s allowing comments even though I’m logged out and using another browser althought same laptop?

    Your help would be really, really appreciated.


    As far as I know SK2 bypasses the built-in WordPresss comment moderation system. You could try this (SK2) plugin

    Thanks so much IanD – the thread was very informative. So basically, my spam plugins are doing their job. Providing the comment doesn’t contain specific words set by me and spam listings, then all should be well.

    I appreciate your help on this.


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