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  • I searched around and saw a couple of things, but nothing specific like this.

    I have just upgraded to 2.7. Now all comments using emoticons are sent to moderation. Strange. I tested this theory out and it is true. I do have Akismet plug-in. I deactivated it and this still happened.

    Anyone else having this issue?

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  • Do you have anything set in the comment moderation box on the Settings->Discussion screen? Maybe something about them matches and so it forces them to moderation.

    No, it is blank. Only the “2 or more” links is selected.

    No one else has this issue? It’s really kind of annoying.

    Do you have any emoticon plugins?

    No, I didn’t even know there were any. I have never done anything to add or take away emoticons. After 2.7 upgrade it just spams all the comments that have them in it.

    The bummer part, is that I have lots of friends that use them, so almost every other comment is “approval needed”.

    That is really weird. Try raising the number of allowed links, perhaps?

    What other plugins do you have? And what theme are you using? (I don’t think theme has anything to do with it, but ….)




    No one else has this issue? It’s really kind of annoying.

    something similar came up last week. otto replied there as well. I dont remember if it was ever resolved or if the cause was determined.

    I’m seeing this issue, but I didn’t relate it to where emoticons were being used. Just tested and, yes, it holds any comment with an emoticon for moderatiion.

    Ipdtenu, I deadtivated all my plugins and it was still doing it, so i don’t think it was a plugin issues.

    I just changed themes last night and it’s still doing it.

    I will raise the number of links and see what happens.

    whooami, you remember where that topic was?



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    Possibly related to this.

    mrmist, that looks like the bug, but i did raise the allowable to 10 and one still went to spam with a single smiley emoticon. So it is more than just considering it a link.

    I haven’t noticed a pattern with emoticons, I’ll keep my eyes opened. Anyway, I’m also having problems with comments going for moderation without any good reason.

    This is definitely the smiley bug. Setting it to zero will temporarily disable that functionality until the patch gets put in.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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