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    I just got back from a lengthy vacation and deleted spam comments that had accumulated from Manage|Comments. They appeared “gone” (no longer showed up in the blog). I noticed, however, that in the Dashboard they show up in the Comments section of Latest Activity and apparently are still in the database. Anyone else notice this or was this just a hiccup?

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  • oh my… I wonder if this is what I was experiencing with the moderation/blacklist problem i had (and just posted about…)

    Which build are you on? I only just upgraded a couple of days ago, I am not getting every nightly build, last one was from the 16th, but I had not noticed this problem until yesterday, myself, with that last upgrade. I have deleted by going to “edit” on the dashboard listing and deleting from the comment page itself… but yeah, they were apparently nuked by the blacklist but still showed up in the dashboard listing.

    Yep, same problem. I am using the latest nightly. After posting I realized that the new spam code in the 1.5 actually allows the spam comments to be entered into the database but don’t show up in the posts or in the admin section (excluding the dashboard). Haven’t had time to check the bug tracker to see if it has been reported – feel free 😉

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    See bugs 659 and 687.

    This looks like someone actually wanted the moderated comments to show on the dashboard? I remain confused. That is, I am not sure its quite the same thing. The bug tracker shows it resolved on the 15th. ie, in builds since then it should be gone. Its not. ergo, a different bug or a different expectation of what should happen to moderated comments??

    Thanks Ryan, but that is not what I am experiencing. I upgraded my 1.3a to 1.5b when I returned from vacation a couple of days ago. I then noticed for the past two days I have not gotten any spam comments either posted or sent to be moderated. Today I noticed that, though they do not show up, they are indeed being added to the database and are displayed in the Dashboard. I either have to delete each one individually from the Dashboard, or quicker, go into the database and delete them in bulk.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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