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  1. palaio
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I am a new wordpress blogger. When I send a comment to a blogspot.com blogger I have to make three choices: 'blogger'-'other'-'anonymous'. When I choose 'blogger'and I type the requested username and password these are not accepted. So everytime I choose 'other' and simply type my blog's name. That means that anyone who views my comment cannot click my 'name' and be transferred to my page. How could I overcome this problem?

  2. "Blogger" is a specific service name. As in "blogger.com". So when you say Blogger, you're telling them that you use blogger.com and they want your username and password there.

    Blogger is what publishes blogs to blogspot.com, among other places.

    Generally, I choose "Other" and type my name and email and web address. If the blog in question doesn't allow that, you can setup a blogger.com account and create a profile with all your information, which will work just as well.

  3. palaio
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Thanks Otto42

    If I understand well there is no clear solution! If I make a blogger.com account, can it be connected in a way with the present wordpress.com account?

  4. Yes. Your blogger profile can have any information you like, and if you set your webpage address to somewhere other than blogspot, it will use that.

    Here's mine, for example:

    Notice how the webpage link on the left goes to my blog's webpage? It works like that when I comment on somebody's blogspot blog too.

  5. palaio
    Posted 9 years ago #


    Thanks a lot! Really useful information!

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